Tuesday, September 25, 2012

IBPS Probationary Officer Exam Result 2012

The IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) conducts an exam for the post of Probationary Officer. In the year 2011, IBPS conducted the exam on 18th September 2011 and the result was being declared on 18th February 2012. So it took about 5 months time to display the results of IBPS PO examination in the year 2011. 

Check the above link and you will find total number of candidates qualified in year 2011.

Result of IBPS PO held on 17th June 2012:

Today every candidate who appeared for exam of IBPS PO on 17th June 2012, is asking a question - When is the result of IBPS PO 17th June 2012?

Yes the result declaration must be done in 45 days. But who cares about these deadlines which are mentioned but no one aims to abide by itself. The first IBPS PO exam which was conducted on 18th September 2011, a total of 1,11,993 candidates were given a score card mentioning that they have been shortlisted and are eligible to apply for the post of Probationary Officer.  

So it is obvious that IBPS PO exam held on 17 June 2012 result will take about 5 months time and hence we can conclude that the result might be declared on 17th December 2012. If possible they might declare in advance but due to large number of candidates appearing for the exam which was conducted on 17th June 2012, it seems that IBPS has numerous papers to check. 

Check if the result is being declared:

So all the candidates who appeared for the exam of PO on 17th June 2012 have to keep visiting the IBPS website and keep their fingers crossed in the hope that they might get shortlisted and pass the exam with a good score. 

IBPS PO exam held on 17th June 2012 was difficult:

First of all I would like to inform that I have also given this exam and it was very difficult. Remember, in the IBPS PO exam I fell short of only 2 marks in the section of quantitative section. In rest of the sections I was confident and got good number of marks as well. So compared to the exam of IBPS PO of year 2011, the IBPS PO exam held on 17th June 2012 was 10 times difficult. Hence, for me it is very difficult to get a good score. I hope that at least I will be scoring minimum marks per section. But this will not help me get a job. 

On 17th June 2012, every candidate who appeared for the IBPS PO exam was in a devastated frame of mindset and each one of them felt that they have failed to study hard or the paper was very tough so as to select only few candidates with respect to last year’s qualified candidates. 

In this way, every candidate is hoping for the best and waiting eagerly for the results to be announced. I congratulate in advance to every successful candidate who scored  good number of marks in IBPS PO exam held on 17th June 2012. The candidates who did not qualify for this IBPS PO exam should know that they have to learn from their mistakes and appear for the same exam which will be conducted just few months after the results are being declared for the exam which was conducted on 17th June 2012.  

If anyone knows the exact date please comment below and inform me about it. 

Have a nice day. 

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