Friday, August 31, 2012

If you are lucky you will find Love marriage and if your luck is good then you face arranged marriage.

          The marriage is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. For many it is in the form of arranged marriage and few are lucky enough to get married via the form Love marriage. In India there were only arranged marriages in the past and now it seems that every youth who is about to settle his life is in search of love and they wants love marriage so that they feel themselves lucky and blame no one for their biggest decision of life. Few years before it was the parents who used to take decision of their Childs marriage and it was said to be the Arranged marriage because parents of the girl and boy to whom that girl would be marring took the decision without considering their choices. In those times the boy and girl were unaware of each other and they used to marry only because their parents had chosen a best match for themselves.

          The youth of today is very aggressive and today every youth may it be a girl of may it be a boy they both are very choosy in selecting their partner for life. Well the youth of today is aggressive not because they chose their life partner on their own but they even disobey to their parents for their love. Most of the times it is found that the youth is being wasting their time in search of so called love marriage and we know that In India there are only few chances of a successful marriage in case of love. So love marriage is a critical situation where the boy and girl decide on their own about their future life and at the end they ask permission towards their parents for the Love marriage. 

          Hence, if the youth is lucky they will find their love and get married in the form of Love marriage and if their luck is good then they will be facing the arranged marriage.  

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