Tuesday, September 25, 2012

IBPS Probationary Officer Exam Result 2012

The IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) conducts an exam for the post of Probationary Officer. In the year 2011, IBPS conducted the exam on 18th September 2011 and the result was being declared on 18th February 2012. So it took about 5 months time to display the results of IBPS PO examination in the year 2011. 

Check the above link and you will find total number of candidates qualified in year 2011.

Result of IBPS PO held on 17th June 2012:

Today every candidate who appeared for exam of IBPS PO on 17th June 2012, is asking a question - When is the result of IBPS PO 17th June 2012?

Yes the result declaration must be done in 45 days. But who cares about these deadlines which are mentioned but no one aims to abide by itself. The first IBPS PO exam which was conducted on 18th September 2011, a total of 1,11,993 candidates were given a score card mentioning that they have been shortlisted and are eligible to apply for the post of Probationary Officer.  

So it is obvious that IBPS PO exam held on 17 June 2012 result will take about 5 months time and hence we can conclude that the result might be declared on 17th December 2012. If possible they might declare in advance but due to large number of candidates appearing for the exam which was conducted on 17th June 2012, it seems that IBPS has numerous papers to check. 

Check if the result is being declared:

So all the candidates who appeared for the exam of PO on 17th June 2012 have to keep visiting the IBPS website and keep their fingers crossed in the hope that they might get shortlisted and pass the exam with a good score. 

IBPS PO exam held on 17th June 2012 was difficult:

First of all I would like to inform that I have also given this exam and it was very difficult. Remember, in the IBPS PO exam I fell short of only 2 marks in the section of quantitative section. In rest of the sections I was confident and got good number of marks as well. So compared to the exam of IBPS PO of year 2011, the IBPS PO exam held on 17th June 2012 was 10 times difficult. Hence, for me it is very difficult to get a good score. I hope that at least I will be scoring minimum marks per section. But this will not help me get a job. 

On 17th June 2012, every candidate who appeared for the IBPS PO exam was in a devastated frame of mindset and each one of them felt that they have failed to study hard or the paper was very tough so as to select only few candidates with respect to last year’s qualified candidates. 

In this way, every candidate is hoping for the best and waiting eagerly for the results to be announced. I congratulate in advance to every successful candidate who scored  good number of marks in IBPS PO exam held on 17th June 2012. The candidates who did not qualify for this IBPS PO exam should know that they have to learn from their mistakes and appear for the same exam which will be conducted just few months after the results are being declared for the exam which was conducted on 17th June 2012.  

If anyone knows the exact date please comment below and inform me about it. 

Have a nice day. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

If you are lucky you will find Love marriage and if your luck is good then you face arranged marriage.

          The marriage is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. For many it is in the form of arranged marriage and few are lucky enough to get married via the form Love marriage. In India there were only arranged marriages in the past and now it seems that every youth who is about to settle his life is in search of love and they wants love marriage so that they feel themselves lucky and blame no one for their biggest decision of life. Few years before it was the parents who used to take decision of their Childs marriage and it was said to be the Arranged marriage because parents of the girl and boy to whom that girl would be marring took the decision without considering their choices. In those times the boy and girl were unaware of each other and they used to marry only because their parents had chosen a best match for themselves.

          The youth of today is very aggressive and today every youth may it be a girl of may it be a boy they both are very choosy in selecting their partner for life. Well the youth of today is aggressive not because they chose their life partner on their own but they even disobey to their parents for their love. Most of the times it is found that the youth is being wasting their time in search of so called love marriage and we know that In India there are only few chances of a successful marriage in case of love. So love marriage is a critical situation where the boy and girl decide on their own about their future life and at the end they ask permission towards their parents for the Love marriage. 

          Hence, if the youth is lucky they will find their love and get married in the form of Love marriage and if their luck is good then they will be facing the arranged marriage.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Panasoni Lumix Moment Photography Contest 2012

               The well known Panasonic India Company recently held a photograph competition named Panasonic Lumix Moment. I was fascinated by the theme of Ambition and I took part in the contest. The photography competition was held for all types of photographers all over India. In this contest both the amateur and professional photographers took part and posted their best shots on the timeline of Panasonic India’s Facebook Page.

               As I am an amateur photographer, I had a good collection of photographs which were snapped using Nokia 5220 XpressMusic Handset. At first, I thought that the participation in Panasonic Lumix Moment Competition would need a Camera of the brand Panasonic. But it was not necessary so as to take part in the competition. Hence, I entered with my photograph which was snapped using 2 Megapixel camera mobile handset of Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

               The Panasonic Lumix Moment photography competition was divided into 5 themes as follows:
               i)                    Sun
               ii)                  Indulgence
               iii)                Hope
               iv)                Fun
               v)                 Ambition
                At first I commented on their Facebook page and asked them that can I enter an image on all the 5 themes above and what will be the last date to participate. And within few moments they replied to my comment and said that I can participate by entering an image on each and every theme. 
Hence, I entered an image for each and every theme and participated in the contest just few days before the deadline of the contest. In this way they liked my Image with the theme of Ambition and that Image is as follows: 

Click on this image to go to the Facebook Page of Panasonic India.

               The Panasonic India Facebook page liked my Image as well as the Illustration given by me for the above image. That Illustration is as follows: 

               Theme – Ambition
                              One day I was watching the Asian Eagle flying above my apartment and it was flying at a lower height. As it was afternoon time it was difficult for me to capture that eagle in my camera due to sun shine. Hence, I kept watching its trajectory and clicked at the last moment. At that time I was not sure that I have captured it in on my cam. When I connected my cam on PC; I was shocked because that Asian Eagle photograph was perfectly snapped at the last moment.”

               Hence, in this way the winners were also announced for the contest and I was very excited because they liked one of my image posted with the theme “Ambition”. But unfortunately my name was not there in the winner’s list. But what I liked about this contest was that my image stood out and it was posted on their Facebook Wall page and amazingly that image was being liked by over 800 Facebook members within a time frame of one hour. Therefore, I would like to conclude with the tag line as: “Don’t Worry About Results, Its time to Perform Every Now and Then”

               At last if you liked my image please comment on this blog. Have a Nice Day.

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