Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's terrible to have your mobile's display shattered by an accident.

Now days', selling your old gadgets is quite a big thing and if you don't have good friend circle then getting it sold for a good or proper price, is really a matter of chance. 

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Today almost everyone is using a Smartphone and near about 2.5 years, I had a very expensive (around Rs. 7K) Smartphone but it didn't have features like a touch screen and wifi connection. I remember that I had brought it on the occasion of Diwali 2009. At that time it was the high end Smartphone which had 2 MP camera and I used to click tons of photographs in each month. I still have all those photographs and soon I am going start publishing it on my photographyblog. So as the year's passed by, I got a job and in the year 2015 I thought it was the time to buy a new Smartphone which has a wide touch screen featured  display, WiFi facility and yes around 5 MP camera as well.

In this way, I planned to buy a Smartphone which would cost just around or below Rs. 10K. So for about 3 to 4 months I was searching for a perfect one that would be in my budget but I was not getting all the features in one go. I actually was looking for photography feature and 4G band based internet service featured device. Such devices were very costly and combination of both was not fitting into my budget. In this way, after 3 to 4 months the most awaited rite Raksha bandhan arrived in the month of August 2015. Well on this day, it's the brother who has to offer a gift to her sister but in my case, it was my sister who gifted me a Smartphone on this very auspicious occasion. But the main thing was that she did not know that I was searching for a perfect mobile since last 3 to 4 years. I was immensely happy and surprised at the same time. Also, I felt that I had not brought such a huge gift for my sister till date.

While opening the box, I was wishing that the device should consist of all the features, which I had been searching for last three months. Unfortunately only one feature was missing and it was of 4G. Well at that time, in 2015, 4G was not yet in the news but I was happy to get a gift that amounted to about Rs.15K. After a year of its usage, I think about 1.4 years, this very precious and valuable mobile slipped from my hand. It banged the floor and that too at the display side. I had a plastic mobile cover but the sound that came when my mobile hit the floor was too much weird and I can still recall how badly it happened. The device felt from just exactly from my waist height but while trying hard to hold it I ended up applying more force in downward direction.

The time all this happened was midnight and I couldn't sleep that night properly as I was worried about the data it contained. Yes it had all my contacts, study and photographs some of which I had snapped about my beautiful surroundings, sunset, sunrises, some trip photos and what not. Along with my mobile's screen, I was also totally shattered since I had lost my mobile's display screen and may be the data in it as well. More than the display, I was worried about the data that it contained. For the next few days, I don't know why but the following song kept running on every music TV channel that I tried to listen to; radio and local tea shops as well but thanks that I was and I am still single. 

My parents listened to this news of shattered mobile display sympathetically and soon my friends started saying that now don't repair your device. Get a new one. I searched for its exchange price and I was getting around Rs. 3K to 4K only. So getting such tiny amount for a gift worth of 15 K then totally devastated me again. Then, I went to the mobile customer care and at first look they said it will cost 7K to 8K and that's a minimum estimate as we have to check if there are any other internal damages. I really felt as expressed in the video below that getting a real good price is really a matter of chance.

At that time, I took back my shattered mobile and decided to repair it in next month as soon as I get the salary. Thanks to my old mobile that I had kept safely and now for a month I was again on the old technology of keypad. Going back to keypad from touch screen was too much of a weird experience for me. In the next month, I got my mobile repaired for Rs. 6K and even today I am using it flawlessly.

But, God forbid, if this shattering of mobile display occurs for your device then I would suggest you to sell it only if it has no valuable data, high cost of screen display replacement and if it is not a gift :-). Also if you want to change your mobile then you can get the best price by installing the Cashify mobile application.  

Monday, October 16, 2017

My experience of an attempt to sell a desktop PC that was already old to be sold.

Now days', selling your old gadgets is quite a big thing and if you don't have good friend circle then getting it sold for a good or proper price, is really a matter of chance. 

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Just watch following video before reading my attempt of selling my PC. 

I remember my teenage days when the Computer was one of the most expensive gadgets to even think of buying. In my school and college the computer was being taught as one of the subjects and I remember that we were taught to do some DOS commands. Some basics about the computer hardware was also been taught and we used to have one practical session where we the student's had to run the DOS commands as instructed during the classroom lectures. During school days, I did not even thought of how much would be the cost of a desktop PC but when I was in college I had no option other than to keep checking its cost for several days. Well the reason was obvious that I had selected Computer's as one of my subject during college days and it was termed as Computer Science.  

When the college started, for the first few months, I was using one of the desktop PC from my college lab and at times I got very limited access to learn as well as get a clear understanding of what had been taught during the classroom lectures. Most of my friends also felt that they were also getting very less time to clear their understanding about the subject. Few of my friends, had already purchased brand new PC even before the start of the college lectures. At that time I felt exactly like the Munna from the movie - Munna Bhai MBBSS. Following is the scene for your reference. 

Well some of my teachers also advised to get a personal desktop machine at home so that the things are clearly and well understood by us. But at that time buying a PC was very much costly. I kept searching for best and low cost PC's for several days and I myself decided to not buy a costly brand new PC. I decided to get a second hand and low cost PC. After few days one of my father's office colleagues had been transferred to the place of his liking and he had to sell all his belongings. He asked my father about selling his desktop PC and my dad told me about it. Well, I don't remember the exact cost but I remember I had asked my dad to pay his colleague almost half of the price of that old desktop PC. 

In this way, I had got an old PC and soon after two years, my studies went to next level and soon the time to upgrade my PC banged my pockets. For near about six months, I was thinking of getting an assembled PC but the thing was that I had to sell my old system for which my dad had paid almost half of its price. Now at first, I started to sell my PC to my friends but they all said that I had tagged my PC at a very high cost. Some of my friends came to my home and after few days' some of them talked very less to me as they knew I was desperate to sell my PC to them. I then started to ask few of my junior friends and they were also smart to tag my PC to a price that I was never going to sell. Some of my close friends really asked me to give it for free as I was unable to sell it for near about 3 months. 

One day, I decided to sell my old PC to one of my friend for few bucks and as it was summer there was frequent power cut and my PC had no UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system. Unfortunately, the motherboard of my PC got short circuited due to frequent power cuts and I had to sell my old PC to the scrap collector. Well the scrap collector did give me around few hundred bucks and I was very much happy to them as the monitor of that PC was intact. Later I just had to purchase a whole new CPU only.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

We may be wrong if we think going to the gym keeps us fit at all times.

Following blogpost is my entry to the contest: "Royale Atmos - A Paint that helps purify air" conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by asianpaints royale ATMOS.

Today we all are trying to keep ourselves healthy by going to the gym as most of us are corporate working professionals. Nowadays, almost all the corporate people are working for about 8 to 10 hours and at times we don't even have time to take a walk due to busy work schedule. I have seen many of my friends taking cabs or auto for going to their office as they are always in a hurry. According to me, we all can always choose to do what is right, but we are so lazy that we select to do the things which requires very less amount of energy and efforts. Right now the fact is that many corporate job holders are not keeping themselves fit, but there are a few bunch of people who hit the gym every day. Well, I am not praising myself but yes, since last three years I have tried my best to hit the gym each and every day.

In this way, I find after hitting the gym for almost every day (obviously not every day, but whenever there were heavy rains, I had skipped hitting it ;-)....) for the last three years is that it is not the place which can keep us fit at all the times. The reason is that there exists a kind of ambience aka smell in the gym and being the early bird at most of the times, I was inhaling it unknowingly.

As per the following video: I too felt like I should wear a mask whenever I go the gym.

I used to get a kind of mild headache after entering the gym and I used to think that the headache was due to the running exercise that I used to do before hitting it. During last 6 months I was not able to figure out why I used to get a mild headache after doing running exercise and I did not even consult my doctor about it. One day, I asked asked one of my doctor friend and he said that it may be because of the air pollution.

One day, I just happened to set my focus behind the wall bar which is also called as stall bar that exists in almost every gym. The photograph of it is as shown below.

Every day, I used to do some exercises using it and I used to get a kind of moist damp smell near it. I used to think that my sweat was smelling but when I observed carefully, I found that it was the moist wall that was smelling badly behind those fitness wall bar. Further, I also explored that due to the corner position of this wall bar there wasn't much air circulation in that corner and due to dampness the wall has started developing some kind of fungus or mold due to the dampness of the rain water. A few days later the color behind this stall bar had been changed completely. In the photograph below you can see that all the walls have started changing their color.

On the next day, when I was the first one to enter the gym, I found that the smell that was coming from the corner was wide spread throughout the gym. On that day, I asked the gym owner to put on all the fans and ventilators of the gym on full swing so that the damp smell goes out of the gym. I then had to wait outside the gym for about 15 minutes and everyone coming to gym joined me and they also complained about the mold and the weird smell that was growing in the corner of the gym due to dampness and rain water leakage. We all then have requested the gym owner to do something to stop the leakage first and then repaint the gym with good paint.

A few days ago, I found that Asian paints have developed some paint that absorbs such harmful gases like formaldehyde that pollutes the air that we breathe in our concrete cubicles. I read the details about how Asian paints have developed new Royale ATMOS paint. It is annoying to know that the occurrences of fungus/mold in house lead to generation of various harmful gases that pollutes the air that we breathe at most of the times. It is even more frustrating to know that the air inside our household is 5 times much more polluted than the air that we breathe outside.

In this way, I am going to forcefully recommend my gym owner to first perform the water proofing of all the walls and then paint it with the Asian paints Royale ATMOS paint so that the air that we breathe in gym would to some extend keep us fit at all the times.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

My way of being healthy is to pursue the running exercise.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

In my recently published blog, I have mentioned my way of being healthy and now in this post I am going to share my other way of being healthy. When I was in college, I used to watch the news about sports. One day, I saw a news slot about marathon runners and it was amazing to know how these athletes develop such good stamina for long distance running. As I was busy with my studies during the college days, I could hardly find time to wake up early in the morning. I never used to wake up before 8 am in the morning as I used to study late night for most of the times. Even today, I could hardly manage to sleep early, but I try my best to wake up early. If this does not happen, I then try my best to not miss out the morning running exercise even if I wake up after 8 or 8.30 AM. :-) So in that marathon running news slot, I saw no Indian athlete as a winner or even a runner up as a long distance runner.

A few months ago, I saw one promotional advertisement about the marathon running and I decided to enroll myself for it. In my college days, I remember that I had completed 5 KM running during my academic physical activity session. For that I had practiced only for 5 days. And when I watched the marathon advertisement, I was very much excited to enroll for the 10 KM Run and I did not tell any of my friends about it. The marathon was near about 1 month and I decided to practice hard so that I take very less time to complete the running.

After enrolling for the marathon, I decided to start practicing running and on the first day, It was very hard for me to complete even 1 KM of continuous run. On the next day, I woke up and managed to complete 2 KM run and so on I kept on stretching my limit each day. After 20 days of regular practice, I was pretty much confident about completing the 10 K run at ease and I estimated that I can complete 10 KM run in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I still had 10 more days to practice and during these 10 days, I did rigorous GYM exercises that would help me in running.  Just 9 days before my actual marathon run, one of my friends told me about a biathlon competition in which there were 4 KM running and 7 KM bicycling. Me and my friend, we both registered and I was pretty much sure that I was going to win this race not because I was practicing hard but because I really wanted to win. I tried my best to win, but I was lucky to win the second position and it guided me to earn my first medal of life in the sports activity. Following is the image of it.

After this biathlon race, I kept practicing and just after 9 days I also completed the 10 KM run. Surprisingly, I completed my 10 KM run is about 1 hour and 2 minutes. Following is my certificate of its completion.

In this way, my way of being active, happy and healthy is to pursue running exercise on a regular basis. In the future, I also want to apply myself for the next level of running which is to complete the 21 KM run. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

For me, being “In the pursuit of my first love: CRICKET” is my way of being healthy.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.'

For the last three years, I have been pursuing a very healthy lifestyle and this year I choose to be “In the pursuit of my first love: CRICKET”. Well, you can read my post: “The simple steps that I follow for staying active.” where I have mentioned what regular exercises I had been doing on a day to day basis to stay active, happy and healthy at all times. As I am a computer professional, my job is to work on computers and at times work for an extended number of hours. So I try my best to stay as healthy as possible because, I know, if I sit for a long number of hours, obviously it is going to affect my health. At first, I used to prefer walking all the way to my office and back home. Now it's been more than a year that I have chosen to bicycle all the way to my office and home. At times, I have just ventured anywhere by with my bicycle for no reason. During my childhood, I was always fond of playing cricket and I always dreamt about playing it with the season ball, wearing all the cricketing gears and on a cultivated cricket pitch. But this did not happen during my school and college life and may be, I did not pursue it properly at that time.

After getting a job, one day, I saw a speech of my role model, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar that he gave on the occasion was “Opening Ceremony of the 50th Inter IIT Sports” held in IIT Bombay. Just watch the following video and I am sure it will definitely inspire you to choose one sport and set up your way of staying active to lead a happy and healthy life.

After attending this speech live in IIT Bombay, I was very much excited to pursue my first love: CRICKET. I then requested some of my friends to make time to play cricket with me. In this way, we started playing regular cricket, but not with the season ball but with the tennis ball. Later on we formed a team of almost 15 to 16 players and we played for several small, friendly and paid tournaments and it was fabulous to know that playing cricket was easy but winning the tournament was kind of difficult at times. Following is my team:

In this way, during April 2017, there was an announcement of the staff cricket tournament with the season ball and I felt that this was the only opportunity for me to be “In the pursuit of my first love: CRICKET”. I registered my place in this tournament and I started practicing every day with the best of my abilities and I was also managing my work along with it. The tournament was scheduled such that it would not clash with our job timing.I enjoyed playing cricket matches in the day and night timing and it will always be a good experience of my life that I will enjoy remembering again and again.

In this staff cricket tournament, I loved to play with all the cricketing gears and the best thing was that my team stood victorious. Following are some of the photographs and a video that I wish to share with my readers.

Following is the video in which my job was to just rotate the strike till first 5 overs. I tried my best but, I could only manage to play my role till the first 6 overs :-)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

If you think that we get the cleanest air in rainy season then prefer checking your house interiors.

Following blogpost is my entry to the contest: "Royale Atmos - A Paint that helps purify air" conducted by Indiblogger and sponsored by asianpaints royale ATMOS.

Rainy season is the most important season as it provides a lot of water that can be used for farming and drinking purpose. If this season would not have been in our nature cycle, then maybe we the human beings would not have progressed, developed or even survived so far. This season is very helpful for filling up our natural water reservoirs and the main thing is we people are the lucky ones to enjoy the coolest environment during this season. As this season has arrived just after the summer season, it is the most loved season for the farmers as compared to all of us (us means corporate people ;-)). I am saying this because, it is the fact that most of the people in India are not willing to pursue this occupation. 

Mostly the today's young generation is willing to pursue a lucrative career in any sector except farming because the farming sector requires a lot of weather support and manual efforts as well. During this rainy season, every part of this earth turns into a lush green and to experience this we all have to drag ourselves out of our polluted concrete jungle called developed cities. Many of us (again us means we the corporate people ;-)) think that our home interiors are not polluted as we have an air conditioner and many other such good appliances.

According to me many of the houses in our city are more polluted from inside due to a lot of factors. Watch out following video in which actress Deepika describes how our households could have 5 times more pollution:

Consider my place of living where there is a tree outside my room and in rainy season the surroundings are very much spectacular for me.

As you can see in the above image that the environment outside is so fresh that I used to think that my room's atmosphere is as fresh as the spectacular view outside. Just a few days later, I started getting the damp smell in my room and a few of my friends also complained to me about it. I then just stared at the top of my roof and I found that the rainwater has made its way from the outer wall of my room. Following is its photograph :-( :

As the rainy season is on its verge in the year 2017, the dampness kept on increasing in my room. I was literally fed up of it and again a few days later, I found my gallery door with some kind of black spots on it. I started keeping the window of my room wide open thinking that the dampness would vanish if I keep it open at all the times. Unfortunately, all the moisture from outside made its way into my room and I found an enormous number of black spots on my gallery door. Now my room was really smelling bad and then I snapped the photo of that door which had now too many numbers of black spots.

After that I went a little closer to my door and wiped my hand on its surface. Darn it!!! It's the fungus. YUCK :-(.... I was very much disappointed and I was helpless to stay with this as I did not have time to clean it due to my busy job schedule. I had to wait till the weekend and that is the only time which I can invest some time in cleaning my room. By the weekend I got some sneezing problem as well. I then figured out that the reason behind my sneezing was this fungus that was growing day by day. As soon as the weekend arrived, I woke up early in the morning and that too on a weekend, then I took a damp cloth, prepared some detergent water and then wiped out the entire door with it and then after cleaning it, I also wiped it with a lot of dettol antiseptic liquid as well. After that I decided to pack the window with a plastic sheet entirely so that rain moisture stays outside my room. Now I snapped the photograph again as my room's internal atmosphere seemed quite royal and fresh as well.

In this way, now my room has the royal atmosphere with less moisture and damp smell in it. In the future, I am thinking of waterproofing the outer walls and painting my room, doors and window with the Asian paints Royale ATMOS techonology. The details can be found on the following link: 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The only way to convey my love and gratitude towards life is by writing a letter to my life.

I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda
Note: I am just writing this blog post for conveying my love and gratitude towards life.

Dear Zindagi,

Every individual on this planet has got a life and it depends on how we live it. In my opinion life is nothing but a moment and you just have to live it, love it and enjoy it. A life cannot be complete without the collection of happy and unhappy moments. I remember the first ten years of my life and at most of the times, I used to get unhappy. But I thank to my parents and my family members as they used to try their best to make me happy during this decade of my early life. They used to teach me several things and one of the things that I still remember learning was playing cricket. Well my parent's always allowed me to play cricket but I used to be very unhappy on the field as I was unable to play properly. I used to return home with disappointment and the next thing was that my parents used to scold my elder brother for not letting me play. Today when I look back, I find this moment very funny and this moment brings a smile on my brother's face as he was being scolded for no reason during his childhood.

In the next ten years of life, I found my first love. Yes my first love ;-) and it was none other than the game called cricket. Even if I was unable to play it properly, I used to play this game each day after my school hours. This outdoor game gave me a sense of how to tackle the situation even when you lose the match or you don't perform to your level best. Today, I am a busy working chap but whenever I find free time I try my best to play cricket rather than just watching it. The second thing that I discovered in my second decade of life was that there is something called discipline that has to be followed in life by each and every individual. Here I would like to thank my school teachers because those were the only ones who used to take care of imbibing ethical principles and monitor us if we follow them or not. I still remember that there used to be a special session of half an hour where one of my teacher used to tell the stories that taught us what is right and what is wrong. One moment that I would like to be grateful and thankful to my school teachers was the annual cultural event of the school. Well, I never was excited with the cultural activity called as dancing but I did perform it in the last year of my school days. Watch the following photo where I am at the 4th position and doing the wrong step as well ;-). Again, #DearZindagi (Life) is nothing but to dance with whatever music has gets played in the background or during that specific moment. It matters only if you don't dance with the tune and stay unmoved.  

 The next decade of life was too much of stress as the college days demanded too much of study. But due to the first two decades it was not that stressful since I used to come across my school friends and whenever we used to meet and even now if we meet we have loads of fun by recalling silly moments that we lived during the school days. Of this third decade the latter half of the part seems quite boring since all of my friends could not meet often since every chap that studied with me is now busy making money. These days, I try my best to devote the free time to perform the activities that I did not do during my first 3 decades of life.  But thanks to the various festivals in our Indian culture since these are the only festival holidays when we recall or meet our friends and have fun with the happy as well as unhappy moments of the life. I really want to thank my #DearZindagi as this is a moment (according to me) where we have to try our best to recall, collect and create the best ones in the life that we live ahead.    

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